October 2019 Bosmopolitan

BBL Board Meeting Minutes

07 October 2019 / Toast (Start) Time: 7:15 p.m./ Location: Madtree

In Attendance

Andy M. (P), Jerry H. (VP), Ray G. (T), Emma W. (S), Roxanne W. (PP), Steve B., Rob W., Mike W.,

Upcoming Board Meetings

  • Monday, November 4th at Jerry’s Abode

Upcoming Club Meetings & Events

  • Friday, October 18th: Tentative Trivia Night at 7:00PM at Norwood Community Center

  • Saturday, November 16th: Bus Trip to Dayton Breweries

Upcoming Competitions

Treasurer’s Report

We still have money.

BBL Membership Cards

If you paid online for membership and still need a card, please see Ray at the check-in desk at the next monthly meeting.

GABF - Congratulations to our local breweries and Bloats Gone Pro!

We’re very proud of the four local breweries that brought home hardware from GABF!

Brink Brewing Co. - Gold for Moozie, Gold for Hold the Reins, and Very Small Brewer of the Year (for the second year running!)

Listermann - Gold for Scoring Discrepancies

Taft’s - Silver for Are You Pricklish? collab with Against the Grain of Louisville

Rhinegeist - Silver for English Summer Ale

Bloat-Sponsored Blood Drive

Bryan E. has been generously working to coordinate a blood drive opportunity with Hoxworth in partnership with Listermann’s, in memory of Kevin Spatz. The tentative date at this time is November 5th - more details will be posted as the scheduling is finalized.

TBFBH Results

And the winner is…Roxanne! With a Saison and Grisette, she bested a Hefeweizen and Berliner Weiss brewed by Andy. (And yes, if you’ve been paying attention, those brewer-style pairings most certainly appear backwards. Each attempted to beat the other at a style they know the other is well-versed in.)

Beer & Propane

Three brewers, twenty gallons of beer, a good time was had by all. There was a 20 years Bigfoot vertical, and a Fuller’s Vintage spread of 18 years (14 bottles), which resulted in the horizontal pictured below:


Bus Trip to Dayton

The board is planning a tour of Dayton breweries with Cincy BrewBus on Saturday, November 16th in place of the monthly meeting. Warped Wing Brewing Company, Fifth Street Brewpub, and Branch and Bone Artisan Ales are definitely on the route, to be joined by a yet-to-be-determined fourth location. We also hope to have a tasting of Juicy Melt Supreme Hot Sauces (owner Jeffrey McElfresh will be joining us at Warped Wing).

The bus will depart Cincinnati around 11:00 - 11:30AM and return approximately 6 hours later. Per-person cost is $35 until Halloween, $45 starting November 1. This cost is transportation only - beer and food (and hot sauce) purchases are on your own. A link to reserve your spot via PayPal will be provided via email and Facebook. BBL members and personal guests only until Halloween, please.

Potential Club Buy for Specialized Yeast

Escarpment, one of our sponsors for Beer & Sweat this year, sell specialized yeasts (specifically sour and kveik strains) that we can’t get in the U.S. We are considering a club buy for anyone interested. Contact Roxanne if you are interested.

A kveik yeast project for a meeting and/or special event in Q1 2020 is also in the works.

Beermas 2019

Believe it or not, Beermas is on the horizon! A schedule will be assembled in the coming weeks (looking at you, Ray) and on the calendar in the next month.

Other Business

BBL Mentorship Program

Potential mentors talk to Wayne, potential mentees, ask at the Listermann’s counter about how to sign up, or use our online form (check the Mentorship page on the web site) if you already know the basics!

Bloatarian Tap Handles

Member price is $40 (at-cost), non-member price is $50. Check in with Roxanne at meetings if you are interested. They’re beautiful!

Possible Topics for 2019 - 2020 Meetings

  • All Things Yeast

  • Yeast Experiment

  • Mashing Chemistry

  • Decoctions

  • Brew-in-a-Bag Techniques

  • Blending Night (TRASH Guest)

  • Factors that Affect Efficiency

  • Safety (5-10 minute topics before formal topic for all meeting)

  • Chime in with additional suggestions!

Meeting Adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Emma Williams