Becoming a Certified Beer Judge


Beer Judge Program Certification (BJCP)

According to the BJCP website,

“The Beer Judge Certification Program, Inc. (BJCP) is a world-wide certifying organization for judges of beer and related fermented products. Founded in 1985, we now have a presence in over 40 countries and have more than 7000 active judges in the program. Judges are certified through an examination covering technical aspects of brewing, world beer styles, the purpose of the BJCP, and judging procedures, and by demonstrating practical judging skills. Judges are ranked based on their examination scores and accumulation of practical judging experience.”


Interested in becoming a BJCP-certified judge?

BBL periodically offers a training course followed by the exam, usually in the fall. Our ability to offer the course and exam is dependent on interest from the community, so if you’d like to participate, let us know and we’ll contact you once we have enough interest to schedule a course.