Flanders Red Solera Project

BBL has participated in various group brew barrel projects in the past. A few years ago, we started a Flanders Red Solera. The idea behind a Solera is that you periodically remove some beer from the barrel and then add more new beer into the barrel. Theoretically, the Solera can keep going for years. It took some time for the beer to initially sour, but we are now at the point that the beer is ready to start the cycling process.

In general, participants provide 5 gallons to put in the barrel and then receive about 4 gallons back out at a later date. We plan to draw from the barrel once per month. At that rate, a person who adds to the barrel will be drawing his or her share from the barrel one year later.

Dave Harsh has agreed to be the point of contact for the barrel (thanks Dave!). If you are interested in contributing beer to the barrel, let Dave know ASAP and get that beer in there!

The Flanders Red recipe we use can be found below. Directly from Brian St. Claire, this is the recipe he used for his Runner-Up Best of Show Flanders Red at the 2007 National Homebrew Competition.

Bourbon Barrel Flanders Red Recipe

Makes 5 gallons

OG: 1.054

IBU: 12

  • 5 lb vienna

  • 1 lb carahell

  • 1 lb cara vienna

  • 1 lb aromatic

  • 8 oz special B

  • 1.5 lb flaked corn

  • Handful UNCRUSHED carafa III in sparge for better color, optional

  • 1 oz Mt Hood flowers at 3.7% AA at 45 min (may substitute with another equivalently low %AA Noble hop; check first)

  • Wyeast # 3763 Roselare yeast (No starter, use it right from the packet)

Mash in at 156 degrees for 90 min, boil 80 minutes, chill to 69, oxygenate one minute, ferment in glass then add to barrel when yeast drops out (20 days.)